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Miriam Teresa was born in Fort Irwin, CA to military parents who served in the Desert Storm war. She later relocated to Missouri City, TX when her parents retired. 

In grade school, Miriam gained experienced in news broadcasting where she learned aspects ranging from videography, soundboards, powerpoint and mixer systems under the KEGE kids news team at Edgar Glover Elementary. Through Jr. High, she participated in Fort Bend County Fair art contest and receive several ribbons long into high school.

Miriam continued her journey of sharing her artwork at solo exhibitions ranging from San Diego, CA to Downtown Houston. She makes it her mission to inform others of positive outlets that can help the community flourish.

Her passion for the arts stemmed from her late father, Michael Patrick Sr., who shared his creative nature and guided her to evoke community awareness of the impact unity can have on accomplishing goals. 

Miriam Teresa is an abstract artist that evokes a sense of interconnected property to the environment and those who once existed.

Miriam desires to create avenues that help the minds and thought process of our youth and community. She believes that the power to do anything starts with a thought. Therefore, she aims to create thought-provoking art that ignites unity and discussion amongst diverse social groups.

Miriam Teresa has participated in the IAM Gallery solo exhibition (2017), Combat to Live community show (2010), Wakanda Juneteenth Movement (2018) and countless of other shows that shed light on community unity. 

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