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From Child Hunger Fashion shows to Sock for the Homeless Art showcases, we are determined to set the pedestal in place and alert our community of what we are lacking and the answers that can supply it. If no one knows what missing, the need can’t be filled. iAM is establishing grounds to expand the horizon of the youth and those hungry for greatness. We want to empower the community through our organization. We aim to connect communities to new young entrepreneurs that are looking for a place to give their hands and truly make a difference. iAm The Movement wants to aid, protect and build up the community, at large.

iAm Change

iMPact wants to bring informative knowledge to our communities in order to ignite change. The advancements in our society can only be made by the will to do greater. We want to create avenues for our community to pursue the potential that resides within their reach. We establish a grounds for our community to grow through giving and inspiring our youth to pursue greatness.

iAm Aware

iAm the Movement has made the community aware of the various weaknesses that are in the world at large. We have helped inform and support the community in order to be the movement we want to see. We connect with old and young people in order to build an awareness of various causes, needs and actions that need to be addressed and acted upon. 

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Our Vision

Our objective is to unite the members under one objective, to make our community better. IMPACT provides a platform for Impact members to express their ideas and concerns, but most importantly to take action on them. IMPACT aims at motivating, guiding and inspiring people to carry out activities and action plans of all shapes and sizes. All this is done under the IMPACT Initiatives program. The idea is to apply the people’s general interests into responsible action towards the community and use their concerns and their frustration to fuel their motivation.


IMPACT: I am the Movement is an aspiring organization that mobilizes volunteers to address community issues and builds on community assets. We connect people with opportunities to serve, build the capacity of organizations to effectively be involved, promote entrepreneurship, and to provide leadership in strategic initiatives related to the community and unity. Impact seeks to establish linages with other groups that have the same goal in mind.

Our Journey

The mission of Impact is to contribute community outreach through collaboration between individual Impact Members, community leaders and business owners to make people aware of their community and how they can be the movement and bring forth change locally, regionally, nationally and globally. It is our goal to empower youth and create volunteer opportunities that enhance the community at large.

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iAm is the collaboration of many uniting as one. Uniting is the identity that will make the ripple effect of change in this community


The iMPact iAm makes will change the world and set a force of unity throughout the atmosphere. We shall initiate growth in our community.


Movement within the community is where the growth of the city begins. We shall make positive change and overcome our adversities.

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