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Mo LeRoux Art in Houston. I moved to Houston for its progression and growth, which is what I feel like I needed more than anything to be a successful artist. I started doing art that was Houston inspired, and not just by the city but the people and experiences I have had in this beautiful city. I linked up with iMiTs Art in Houston and I started sharing my art and why I do it; that art can help you express yourself in any form no matter if it's for fun or mental illness therapy. I do it personally for fun and for therapy. I connect with Interior Design in Houston to expand the healing that it has on society. Why not share my feelings and emotions on a canvas with the world and have a talk about it?

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"S'more Us"


"Heart Throb"


"Biscotti on the Beach II"


"Carbon 8"


Cracks in Venus III


"Au Champagne"