iMiTs Art is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose objective is to beautify the community

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iAm Growing Strong

iMiTs Art is a proud supporter of imparting into the environment and supporting the growth of the world around us. iAm unites with Earth Day Houston to encourage our youth to give back to the earth that supplies all the necessities that sustain us in life. We were able to cultivate a unity of artist, community and business owner and evoke an informative, kid friendly atmosphere about the world we live in.   

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iAm Designing History

iMiTs Art is interested in expanding the minds of the youth. We host annual black history events at schools that enable youth to embrace the art that is within them. We give a black history art presentations as an avenue to engage with the intellect of our future. We invite the youth to engage with positive artist that want to make a difference.

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Wakanda Juneteenth Movement

Its a time to uplift, empower, and expand. Our goal is to unify our community through focusing our efforts on Reading, Knowledge, and Wisdom. With failing to discover our freedom as the source of our problem, it is our goal, mission, and purpose to learn from those mistakes and inform our fellow man of the greatness that resides within. Join us on a trip through the eyes of Wakanda delegates, as we point our communities towards the knowledge to empower.

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