Who We Are

A 501(c)3 non-profit

 As iMiTs art continues to operate as a 501c3 non profit, it is our goal to strive towards iMPACTing our communities, exposing powerful artist, and redefining stereotypes so they will rebuild the minds of societies truth. It is our mission to provide platforms for artist to declare their iAm and proclaim the true essence that their art evokes.

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Vision Statement

 iMiT’s Art is interested in creating and supporting the community through the art that speaks to the broken, the young and the seasoned. We want to unite artist of all genres and establish a platform that unites with the youth to empower our community. We want to build up cities and prevent community deterioration by setting up platforms to empower and uplift our future.  

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Mission Statement

 The Mission of iMiTs Art is to empower the community through the passion and talents of its members. We want to create positive inspiration for our youth. Our mission is to establish a unified community link to the world that craftsman have to offer. We want to emit the vision of greatest to the society. 

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The iAm Gallery


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What is a 501(c)3?

Its our mission to ignite change in our community. Join us in making iMPACT and support what we do.

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iAm Mag

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 See the iAm that entrepreneurs of all trades have to declare.

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Art Therapy for Veterans

It is our goal as iMiT’s Art team to connect with fellow veterans on a therapeutic level to promotes a healthy healing process in resolving internal conflicts and distress.

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The iMiT’s Art organization aims towards inspiring organizations and individuals to realize their full potential through a variety of techniques designed to facilitate self-empowerment. 

Empowered to Be


The BEAUTIFY OUR COMMUNITY initiative helps stabilize, preserve, and revitalize urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. Our team is interested in expanding community unification and rebuilding connections between local businesses and artist alike. 

Rebuild the community


It is our mission to unite the community, business owners and artist networking capability. 


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Community iMPACT

Join us in volunteering within the community and making a difference. 

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Artist Portal

Join the talk. Impart your art into iMiTs Art gallery and let it evoke thought.

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Joliee's World

Allow the youth of today to experience a unique style of learning and fun!

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